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php Virtual Site Manager

This is our new php project with the following goals

  • Written in php
  • Can use smarty engine
  • Can use mysql
  • Can use the new vpopmail daemon for all privileged system needs
  • Plugin module design for applications
  • First module will provide some of the qmailadmin and vqadmin features
  • Future modules will provide djbdns, apache, system user, ftp access.
  • All code in GPL for community usage
  • Access to the modules and features are based on vpopmail authenticated user privileges using the portable network aware vpopmail daemon.

Current Status

We are at the second code review of the plugin architecture. We also continue to learn more on php and smarty programming. We have also finialized the base usage of style sheets.

Future Milestones

  • First alpha of plugin architecture
  • First test module
  • First public release with pluging architecture, no authentication yet
  • vpopmaild authentication on login page
  • alpha of qmail module
  • alpha of tinydns module
  • alpha of apache module
  • alpha of virtual hosting module

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