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Filtering and Scanning

  • Bruce Guenter has written qmail-qfilter, which is a front end for qmail-queue</a> that can send the body of the message through one or more filters, such as qmail-inject or new-inject.
  • LinuxMagic's "magic-smtpd" Daemon While not a 'patch' per se, if you are struggling with incorporating Valid User checking, or Anti-Spam controls at the SMTPD level, this opensource product has been well received as a drop in replacement for the qmail-smptd. It might suit your needs, while still having all the advantages of a Qmail based system. LinuxMagic has also produced other opensource tools, such qmail-remove queue cleaner and others.

Sendmail Wrapper

  • Matthias Andree has a patch to allow qmail's sendmail wrapper to ignore the -N dsn option that sendmail has, for compatibility with MUAs that use the -N dsn switch (mutt can do)
  • David Phillips noticed that qmail's sendmail's -f emulation doesn't set the default for the username as sendmail does.

OS or Distro Specific

  • Scott Woods has qmail running on a Cray It took some patching to make it run on UNICOS, but it's running.


  • James Raftery wants the canonicalized hostname in the logfile, so he can see the real envelope recipients of messages after host name canonicalization. If you send a mail to me at lecter@www.redbroock.dcu.ie, your logs will show 'to remote lecter@www.redbrook.dcu.ie' but qmail-remote will actually use 'lecter@prodigy.redbrook.dcu.ie' in the RCPT TO command.

Spam and things that belong elsewhere in the wiki

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  • Chuck Foster originally wrote a patch for tcpcontrol. That functionality got subsumed into tcpserver. John Levine has updated it to the current version 0.84. It allows you to:
    • deny services based on domain names instead of IP addresses.
    • distinguish between no PTR and wrong PTR DNS records.
    • deny service to hosts whose forward and reverse DNS do not agree.

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