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What do you need to back up on your qmail server.


Qmail Control Files

Back up these files:



Vpopmail sites should back up the vpopmail mail directories



Squirrelmail stores user data like address books under the "data" directory. These directories should be backed up.


rsync is a handy tool to do incremental backups across a network to a secondary machine. With the right configurations the secondary machine could automatically take over control of the mail server ( high availablity, hot failover, hot standby ).

Note: rsync does not automatically copy symbolic links which will cause all your ezmlm mailing lists to fail since they use symbolic links to .qmail-listname files.

Here are some sample rsync lines

# qmail control files
rsync -aW --size-only --delete /var/qmail/control
rsync -aW --size-only --delete /var/qmail/users
rsync -aW --size-only --delete /var/qmail/alias

# vpopmail mail directories
rsync -aW --size-only --delete /home/vpopmail/domains

# squirrelmail address books
rsync -aQ --size-only --delete /var/www/html/webmail/data
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