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==What's this website?==
This site is a place where people can share documentation about everything that relates with the [ Qmail]server, everything.
The word '''wiki''' turned to a synonym of '''a website where everyone has write permissions on it'''. The biggest wiki website at this moment is the, a totally user contributed virtual encyclopedia.
So put your hands at work and start sharing your documents.
==Can I edit the documents posted by others?==
Yes. But before you start "fixing" whatever you believe its wrong or inaccurate, try to debate your point with people on the related mailling list, or add your complaint to the ''discussion'' section that accompanies every posted document.
Every edition that is made is logged on the '''history''' page that accompanies every document. For example, see the history of [|this document].
==Where do I learn to edit wiki documents?==
The best guide is in wikipedia's  [ How to edit a page]
==Create your user==
Don't forget to create a user for you. This way all contributions you make will be attibuted to your user, instead of your IP address. Create your user [[Special:Userlogin|here]].

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