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EZ Mailing List Manager (EZMLM) is a mailing list manager which allows users to create their own mailing lists with a single command.

  • Dan Bernstein's ezmlm page.
  • is the home of Ezmlm-idx, an add-on to ezmlm. It gives you headers, trailers, threaded digests, multi-message get, thread retrieval in MIME multipart/digest with headers filtered to make the digest rfc1153-like (default). It also has all aspects of message moderation, subscription moderation, and remote administration of subscriber addresses.
  • ezmlm-web is a web interface for the administration of ezmlm mailing lists. It allows complete control over their configuration by using a web browser. User-based access control relieves administrators from the burden of managing all their mailing lists on their own.
  • Sergiusz Pawlowicz wrote ezmlm-cgi-py, a more approachable (i.e. Python, not djb-C) version of "the Freds" ezmlm-cgi archive formatter.
  • Inter7 has [1] a web interface that includes ezmlm management
  • Alessandro Ranellucci wrote ezmlm-www, a Perl-based interface for reading ezmlm archives. It supports a little customization along with attachments browsing, support of multiple lists, vpopmail integration, address concealing to prevent spam, language localization.
  • Bruce Guenter has ezmlm-browse a web interface for browsing ezmlm-idx (version

0.40 or later) archives.


  • Russ Allbery uses Majordomo with qmail. He has a FAQ on the subject.
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