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Documentation contributed by users

  • qmail manual pages converted to HTML <a href="man.tar.gz">as a
tarball</a>, and <a href="man/index.html">individually</a>.
  • Michael Samuel collected some documentation for qmail. It is no

longer accessible and is not being maintained. Arjen van Drie has a <a href="http://qmail.3va.net">mirror</a>.

  • Paul Gregg has written instructions on how to configure qmail to

handle many mail users (multiple email addresses) with separate POP3 accounts - <a href="http://www.pgregg.com/projects/">without using system accounts</a>.

  • Chris Johnson wrote something called

The qmail newbie's guide to relaying, which is supposed to answer most of the relaying questions that come across the qmail list.

  • Adam D. McKenna has written a <a

href="http://www.flounder.net/qmail/qmail-howto.html">qmail HOWTO</a>.

  • Dave Sill has written <a

href="http://www.lifewithqmail.org/">Life with qmail</a>.

  • Erwin Hoffmann was supposed to give a <a

href="http://www.fehcom.de/qmail_en.html">German-language QMAIL presentation</a></a> at a congress of the German Unix User Group (GUUG) (http://www.guug.de). However, the whole congress was canceled thus the presentation is more or less "virtual".

  • Dave Kitabjian has some diagnostic suggestions for various qmail

problems</a> on his <a href="http://www.kitabjian.com/dave/qmailhelp/">Q-Cards</a> page.

  • Philip Jacob wrote up some <a

href="http://www.whirlycott.com/phil/pop3.html">instructions</a> on using checkpoppasswd</a> to create virtual users on virtual hosts, accessing their mail via pop3.</a>

  • Davide Giunchi has written an <a

href="http://folug.linux.it/qmail/qmail-HOWTO.html">Italian qmail HOWTO</a></a>, this Italian language document explains how to install, configure and run qmail. This isn't a translation of the English "qmail howto" but is written from scratch.

  • Oliver Lehmann has written a

<a href="http://www.pofo.de/HOWTO/qmail/">German FreeBSD qmail-howto</a></a>. Steven Fettig has translated Chapters 1-4 into <a href="http://www.stevenfettig.com/mythoughts/archives/cat_qmailhowto.php">English</a>.

  • Patrick contributes an <a

href="xinetd.text">xinetd</a> configuration for qmail-pop3d.</a>

  • Ismail Yenigul has written a

<a href="http://www.enderunix.org/documents/qmail.html">Turkish qmail-howto</a></a>.

  • <a

href="http://www.dulug.duke.edu/~icon/qvcs-guide/">Qmail-VmailMgr-Courier-SquirrelMail installation guide</a></a>, written by Konstantin Riabitsev.</a>

  • Martin Östlund has written a <a

href="http://support.linux.se/?main=docs/qmailhowto.php&org=docs">Swedish qmail-howto</a></a>.

  • Rene Schleicher has written a <a


HOWTO in German.</a>

  • Looking for information on how to

<a href="http://www.goldmark.org/jeff/stupid-disclaimers/">add a disclaimer</a> to your outgoing email?</a>

  • Daniele Ripanti and Marco

Rocchetti have written a <a href="http://web.tiscali.it/dax_ramis">HOWTO in Italian</a></a> describing a qmail installation on FreeBSD with POP3, IMAP, Mailing list, Antivirus, Antispam support and webmail.

  • Reza Gamal has written a qmail

& vpopmail installation guide in <a href="http://chipset.bogor.suse.or.id/articles/zach_mail.txt">Indonesian</a>.</a>

  • Michel Morelli is running an <a

href="http://lists.ziobudda.net/mailman/listinfo/qmail-it">Italian-language list</a>.</a>

  • Paul Niewiadomski has translated

<a href="http://iidea.pl/~paweln/tlum/qmail-doki.tar.bz2">man pages into Polish</a>.</a> Actually, he's Pawe³ Niewiadomski, but you need an 8859-2 character set to properly render his name. I can't wait for UTF-8 to be supported everywhere.

  • Marco Tizzoni has translated <a

href="http://medialab.dyndns.org/~elibus/lwq.html">Life With Qmail into Italian</a>.</a>

  • Mário Gamito has some <a

href="http://www.startux.org/index.php?article=1052&visual=2">Portuguese documentation</a></a>.

  • Asfihani has written Installing

Qmail With <a href="http://www.layangan.com/asfik/writings/qmail-vmailmgr.html">vmailmgr</a> and <a href="http://www.layangan.com/asfik/writings/qmail-vpopmail.html">vpopmail</a> in Indonesian language</a>. He also covers omail admin, courier-imap and squirrelmail.

  • Ciprian has <a

href="http://www.benchmarks.dmz.ro/">three benchmark articles</a> comparing sendmail, qmail, and PostFix.</a>

  • Andrew St. Jean describes his <a

href="http://www.arda.homeunix.net/mailsetup.shtml">qmail configuration</a></a> and using qmail's null client, Courier IMAP, and TMDA.

  • Chandrashelkhar Joshi is running

<a href="http://rootshell.be/~shekhar/qmail.html">courier-imap under daemontools</a></a>.

  • Kris Kelley has <a

href="http://www.skunkworx.org/guides/QmailOnGentoo.txt">Gentoo installation instructions</a>.</a>

  • Frank Niedermann has written a

HowTo install qmail on <a href="http://www.cargal.org/downloads/HOW-TO/debianqmail/debianqmail.html">Debian in German</a> language.</a>

  • Jeffrey Clement wrote up a <a

href="http://jclement.ca/docs/debian_qmail/">Debian HOWTO</a> on setting up qmail, Vmailmgr, CourierIMAP, SpamAssassin, and ezmlm</a>.

  • Sylvestre Ledru wrote some bits on

using <a href="http://sylvestre.ledru.info/howto/howto_qmail_spamassassin.php">spam assassin with qmail</a></a>.

  • Roberto Lacava has Italian

installation instructions for <a href="http://www.baslug.org/vega/qmail/">qmail on Red Hat 9</a></a>.

  • Erwin Hoffmann has compiled a

tutorial about <a href="http://www.fehcom.de/qmail/smtpauth.html">SMTP Authentication</a></a> (as part of my canceled Qmail Book) which is available in english language. Readers will find an updated version of Krysztof Dabrowski's SMTP Auth patch which should cleanly interface with eg. netqmail-1.04.

  • Larry M. Smith has written

instructions for using <a href="http://www.fahq2.com/qmail/honeypot.html">qmail as a honeypot</a></a>.

  • Sumanth NS has a <a

href="http://ece.iisc.ernet.in/FAQ">qmail + UUCP how-to</a>.</a>

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