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Qmail Documentation

Documentation contributed by users

  • Michael Samuel collected some documentation for qmail. It is no longer accessible and is not being maintained. Arjen van Drie has a mirror.
  • Paul Gregg has written instructions on how to configure qmail to handle many mail users (multiple email addresses) with separate POP3 accounts - without using system accounts.
  • Dave Kitabjian has some diagnostic suggestions for various qmail problems on his Q-Cards page.
  • Philip Jacob wrote up some instructions on using checkpoppasswd</a> to create virtual users on virtual hosts, accessing their mail via pop3.
  • Davide Giunchi has written an Italian qmail HOWTO, this Italian language document explains how to install, configure and run qmail. This isn't a translation of the English "qmail howto" but is written from scratch.
  • Patrick contributes an xinetd configuration for qmail-pop3d.
  • Daniele Ripanti and Marco Rocchetti have written a HOWTO in Italian describing a qmail installation on FreeBSD with POP3, IMAP, Mailing list, Antivirus, Antispam support and webmail.
  • Reza Gamal has written a qmail & vpopmail installation guide in Indonesian.
  • Paul Niewiadomski has translated [http://iidea.pl/~paweln/tlum/qmail-doki.tar.bz2 man pages into Polish</a>.</a> Actually, he's Pawe³ Niewiadomski, but you need an 8859-2 character set to properly render his name. I can't wait for UTF-8 to be supported everywhere.
  • Jeffrey Clement wrote up a Debian HOWTO on setting up qmail, Vmailmgr, CourierIMAP, SpamAssassin, and ezmlm</a>.
  • Erwin Hoffmann has compiled a tutorial about SMTP Authentication which is available in english language. Readers will find an updated version of Krysztof Dabrowski's SMTP Auth patch which should cleanly interface with eg. netqmail-1.04.
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