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Packages written by Dan Bernstien

  • The serialmail package delivers mail from a Maildir to an SMTP server.
  • The Unix Client-Server TCP package makes ordinary Unix programs into TCP/IP servers and/or clients. In particular its tcpserver program should be used with qmail instead of inetd. This package now includes Dan's rblsmtpd package for blocking spam using the RBL.
  • William Baxter has ucspi-ipc
  • Bruce Guenter has a similar package with a different implementation ucspi-unix.
  • Bruce Guenter also has written ucspi-proxy. It passes data back and forth between two connections set up by a UCSPI server and a UCSPI client.
  • The daemontools package monitors, controls, and logs the execution and output of long-running programs, often called daemons.
  • Tetsu Ushijima wrote qmail-conf, which creates an appropriate set of files to use daemontools to start up qmail services.


  • The qmailanalog package analyzes qmail log files in various ways.
  • Russ Allbery has written tai64nfrac, which converts the tai64n that daemontools-0.63 produces into the fractional seconds that qmailanalog expects.
  • Peter Samuel has implemented the same idea as a patch to daemontools using Dan's coding style (Jay Soffian also wrote one substantially similar to Peter's).


  • The dot-forward package emulates sendmail's .forward file processing.


  • The fastforward package supports forwarding tables under qmail.
  • Mirko Zeibig has an RPM with fastforward with a .qmail-default and a "standard" /etc/aliases-file in it.


  • The checkpassword package authenticates users using a generic interface. It or a replacement for it is required by qmail's included POP3 server.


djbdns server

  • You can't find a more secure DNS server than djbdns. If you thought the DNS was hard to understand, you're wrong. It's not the DNS that's difficult -- it's just BIND.

public file

  • If you just want to publish information via the web or ftp and you don't want to worry about security holes, consider using publicfile by Dan.
  • ezmlm-showctl prints out the ezmlm configuration in a readable manner.

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