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This page describes configurations and usage details of a qmail installation performed by Inter7 Internet Technologies, Inc. Due to the fact that our installations' features are constantly evolving and changing, it is likely that some of the documentation here may not pertain to your Inter7 installation of qmail.

Inter7 installations provide installations of qmail and other open-source packages, along with many patches that upgrade the robustness of each installation. Some patches have been developed by Inter7, and as such, they are unique to Inter7 installations. These patches are 'not proprietary, and unless specified otherwise, may be used under the LGPL license.

'This page is currently being built from the existing offline documentation

Installation Packages

Inter7 provides a number of installation packages that are each built to suit different mail server needs.


A non-vanilla basic qmail installation. This package provides the basic SMTP and POP3 services for server-level users, and does not include a virtual user package. This is suitable for small outbound volume, a store-and-forward, or for various single-task servers.


The VirtualQ is a BasicQ installation, plus support for mailing lists with ezmlm-idx, virtual domains and virtual users with vpopmail, and TLS and SSL versions of all the basic services.


The WebQ provides everything the VirtualQ does, plus web services such as webmail, and a web administration panel called qmailadmin. It also provides IMAP, IMAP/TLS, and IMAP/SSL. This is the most popular installation we perform.


The FullQ provides everything the WebQ does, plus vqadmin and djbdns.


The BusinessQ is essentially an installation of every qmail-related package we support. The BusinessQ adds the Open eFilter 2.0 package, which includes many unique Inter7 patches related to sender authentication and spam filtering, message signing and verification, and more.

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