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Is there a mailing list archive?

Theres a list-archive for simscan at

I enabled the received line features, but it only shows "scanners: none" in the received line, although the message is scanned

You have to run

simscanmk -g

first, to initialize the version database. See also the next question.

What is the best practice to update simversions.cdb?

I run it from cron (as root) every hour (together with update_trend). It may miss a clam update, but that's acceptable for me.

Or you could make a sudo entry for the clam user and run sudo /var/qmail/bin/simscanmk -g a nice solution too :)

Simscan permissions

In order to make simscan work be sure /var/qmail/simscan has the same group qmail-smtpd is running. So if you have qmail-smtpd working with vpopmail user because you have vchkusr patch you should have /var/qmail/simscan with vpopmail group.

Simscan debugging

The easiest way to debug Simscan is on the command line. Run it like this:

QMAILQUEUE=/path/to/simscan SIMSCAN_DEBUG=2 qmail-inject somercpt@somedomain < a-mail.txt

in fact, I'd recommend testing simscan like this before enabling it on smtp level. It's way easier (and safer ;) ) to debug it this way first.

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