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Personal Info

Name: Bruno Negrao G Zica
Country: Brazil
State: Minas Gerais
City: Belo Horizonte
Birth: 1977/03/08
Languages: Portuguese, English
Job: Java Developer on IBM
Experience: Linux-based network servers. Started in this area in 1996.
Programming Languages: C, Perl, Java, Shell
Bachelor's Degree: Management, at the Federal University of Minas Gerais
Contact: bnegrao AT gmail DOT com

Wiki Contributions

Bellow are documents authored by me and some others where I made significant contributions.
Simscan (email filtering software):
Simscan Guide
Qmail-LDAP (mailserver):
Getting Started, Documentation, Control Files, Environment, Auth_imap, Auth_pop, Auth_smtp, Qmail-lspawn, Qmail-pop3d, Qmail-popup, Qmail-remote, Qmail-smtpd, Qmail-verify, locals, rcpthosts, virtualdomains

My Perl Modules

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