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  • EdgeDesk is a scalable WebMail server that supports Maildir++ and qmail. Include Calendar and Collaboration tools.
  • Twig. No frames, no javascript.
  • oMail-webmail is a simple Webmail solution for mail servers based on qmail and optionally vmailmgr. This a GPL project, maintained by Olivier Müller. The mails are read directly from Maildirs on the harddisk, which is much quicker than using protocols like POP3 or IMAP. Other features includes multiple language support (currently English, French, German and Italian), folders and addressbook support. oMail is programmed in Perl. Developers and translators are welcome to subscribe to the devel mailing list.
  • iGENUS is a chinese webmail system for perl + qmail + vpopmail + mysql.
  • @Mail is a WebMail application written in Perl with optional mySQL support. Create a HotMail type service at your domains or read existing POP3 accounts via the web.
  • NOCC is simple webmail-interface it requires php and pop3.
  • Postman is a full featured IMAP and NNTP client written in C/C++ at the Computer Science Service of the University of Valencia. The system has two components, a small cgi program called from the web and a dedicated daemon that controls the connections to the IMAP and NNTP servers for each user session. Designed with high performance in mind, supports hundreds of concurrent user sessions without problems. Postman is skinable, has multilanguage support (currently catalan, english, spanish and vasque) and uses simple HTML (with optional javascript) so it can be used with any browser. Besides, the client allows searching and sorting in mailboxes, send and receive multiple attatchments, the use of multiple mailboxes per user and the definition of user addressbooks and signatures (using files or DB databases instead of a full DBMS as other WebMail clients do).

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